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Here are the 5 latest job posts that we hope you might be interested in.

As an health informatician you will have a wide knowledge with your health care or technical background. When you graduate you can continue with research within health informatics into a new field that you have found during the program or connected with your previous background. Job opportunities like IT manager, software expert, process analyst, evaluator, instructor, IT architect, system engineer or project manager, are some options you have aftr the two years finishing your master studies.

IT project require people with an understanding of both the needs of the sector where the system is to be used and the knowledge of technologys strengths and limitations. Your role as an health informatician is unique with your interdisciplinary expertise, it makes you particularly suited to coordinate and bridge the between the health sector and the technology sector.

Here are some well known sites for you to use when searching for jobs.

Swedish Job Sites International Job Sites
Platsbanken – Arbetsförmedlingen Job Search
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  • IT manager
  • Software expert
  • Process analyst
  • Evaluator
  • Instructor
  • IT architect
  • System engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Clinical informatician
  • Application expert
  • Requirement analyst
  • System specialist
  • System developer
  • Interaction designer
  • Researcher

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