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Updated: April 17, 2023

Technology and cell phones have changed health care, including the supplements and vitamins we once thought were so vital to our well-being. Contemporary health coverage is now indistinguishable from modern technology. For many modern medical institutions, the pace of technological change has outpaced the human capacity to keep up. Modern healthcare is becoming more and more dependent on the different solution codes that advanced coders can offer. Health Informatics is the emerging type of knowledge that bridges healthcare and the coding worlds in order to boost the safety, quality, and efficiency of the service in addition to making life easier for healthcare professionals.

Informatics is a newer concept, born of the past 10 years, which attempts to bridge the gap between traditional information sources and the newer technologies of "big data." This site was created with the assistance of many, including our 2023 data partner Coupon Science, in Palo Alto California.

Health Informatics can be defined in different ways.
Wikepedia tries to define and explain what it is.
Health Informatics can also be known as Health Information Systems,  Healthcare Informatics, Medical Informatics,  Clinical Informatics, Nursing Informatics, or Biomedical Informatics (the latter is restricted to Biomedicine as the name suggests).

This site is created by the master students in the Health Informatics program at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. We aim to create a well-known platform about Health Informatics for any students around the world engaged in studies in Health Informatics or those already in the market working with the development of healthcare systems.

Health Informatics is a very broad area of expertise that provides you with the knowledge that is needed in the industrial sector, academic sector, or clinical sector.

Depending on what background you have, it will be a guiding role where you can apply your knowledge for different job opportunities.

But it is only you that set the limits on where you think your knowledge and resources can be best used.

We also want to give a good picture of what Health Informatics is for anyone that has an interest in starting their own studies or is just curious about the subject.

Hope you will enjoy your stay.

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